Networking for councillors

The networking facility on this site is aimed at local councillors in the UK at all levels, in all types of councils and is intended to help them in their roles.

This site contains Information on issues that affect local government with useful links for digging deeper. It also covers issues that may not have been previously seen as within the orbit of local government but which are rapidly becoming so. Councillors need to be aware of a wider range of issues than before including health for instance particularly with integration of services. So information and issues on a broader scale will be included on this site to raise awareness and encourage further discussion.

The social networking facility is free for councillors to register and use and is designed to be private. So it can be a useful added extra to Facebook and Twitter for sharing ideas and information and discussing issues.

If you are a councillor and visiting this site for the first time, then please register by clicking on the register button at the top right of this page.

The Help button in the menu at the top left of this page gives more detailed information about how to set up circles and networks and explains more fully about how the whole site works. 

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